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This was another short film that we came across while browsing the web. This was another one of our favourites. We liked the way it panned out, and even though it was a very basic storyline it kept the audience engaged and eager to see what happened next. We liked the minimal use of diegetic sound, we thought the lack of dialogue conveyed the distance and mystery between the two main characters within the film. We think the idea was very clever yet it would be rather restricting for us to re-create something like this due to us not having access to the right location that would make the piece successful. Overall we liked the idea of the end being unpredictable. We will look into carrying this aspect on into our own film.


The Life and Death of…

We found these two short films while browsing for inspiration. We like them because we haven’t seen anything done like this before and we think that it looks really effective. We like the way its narrated as horror film and you can tell that it’s made to look this way by the codes and conventions that it has such as the non diegetic and diegetic sound within. It also has a comedy element within and we like this idea of mixing two genres together. We will dig deeper into this idea and see if we find anything more that might spark up an idea for our own short film.

Love Fields

We found this video on youtube after browsing for short films. This is one of our favourite clips that we viewed. The successful features of this clip are as follows:
– We liked the idea of the unexpected ending. At the beginning/middle the conventions of the film portrayed a typical horror style theme then changed to a light hearted theme.
– The music played a vital part in the overall feel to the scene. At first, the music was eerie and gave the impression of a horror, or thriller theme. But then, when the real outcome was shown, the music changed to a lighthearted tune, and added to the story line.
– The setting of the clip was also vital in the theme of the overall feel to the scene. The fact its set in a corn field, with nothing around, it makes it seem secluded and lonely, this is a typical thriller, or horror film setting, and gives the impression that the clip will be different to what it actually is.
– The crow is also a big part of the clip. Because of the general reference towards death and bad luck associated with crows, you automatically assume there is an eerie theme to it.

Year 13 A2 Media- TASK: short film.

This year for A2 Media we have been given the task to create a 5 minute short film.
Unfortunately both Scarlett and Ryan are no longer attending Hall cross school therefore our group number has decreased. This did create a bit of a worry for both me and Adam as we’ve lost two vital ingredients to our group. However we have a replacement in the form of Bethany Mccaw who was in a different group for last years task. Hopefully she will make up for what we have lost!

In preparation for our film opening we are researching about film openings and also watching a wide range of different genres to help us decide on what we as a group want to create. LET THE TASK BEGIN!