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Location ideas!

This is our location idea for the start of the clip. We will have the camera at the view shown and film a train going through the tunnel, towards the camera with the train sound playing a big part in the scene. We don’t think that the track is a mainline track, which could cause problems and we may need to find a different location for this shot. We like the look of this scene though, it what we had picture when we had our initial idea in mind.

If we can get permission, our next location idea is in Doncaster train station. We will be filming on the platform at first, and then filming on the train.

If we cannot go ahead with this idea then we agreed we would have to alter our plans slightly and film either on a bus or in a car instead. This alteration could ultimately stop our end product from being as affective but we’ll have to improvise and work around the problems if they occur.

This is the street we are thinking about shooting on. We know that the street is easily accessible so that the car we will be using for the ‘drive-by’ scene wont have any problems in gettng there. Also, at night the street looks quite eerie which is the look we are aiming for in this scene.

This is the alley way coming off of the road. We have chosen this for the car to be parked on. When the girl is walking past, we will have the headlights turned on, this will hopefully create a tense atmosphere along with the girls scared expression, as it shows the audience something is going to happen.



During our discussions we came up with two different ideas that we will try out then see which one works more effectively. One idea is to have a voice over which is coming from the boys mind. He would be telling us about the situation and how he feels about it not giving too much away about the story line. Our second idea is to do a radio report that is being heard by the boy through ear phones, telling us about an accident involving a girl being shot. The boy looking already sad, then suddenly turning the report off would give an indication that he could have been affected by it.

Idea 1: voice over.
We will have the man walking across the trainstation platform, holding a back pack, dressed in quite scruffy clothing, looking down and upset. We will have the voice over playing whilst he’s looking up at train times, and carrying on as he walks into the waiting room.
“i dont know how they expect me to deal with it all. How can someone just come along and end some ones life just like that. No blame, no reason, i cant just let it go. They dont deserve to get away with it. How is prision a good enough punishment? Its not. They dont even deserve to live.”

Idea 2: radio report.

Before the actual news report starts, we’re goin to play random, second long clips of different “news reports” all of similar context.
“In Other News, the tragic death of a young girl from Yorkshire has been found out to be the work of Billy O’donell, a thirty-two year old man from West Sussex. The girl was shot several times in a drive by shooting and died at the scene. The murder weapon was found in his one-bedroom flat on Stope Lane last night. He will appear in London Magistrates Court later on today.