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During our first filming session, we tried shooting the tragedy/drive-by scene at night, as that was the best setting for the scene. But we then encountered the problem that the video was blurry, very low quality and movement lagged. Therefore we have decided to do a second shooting of that scene. We will do it during the day and try to apply effects on during editing to try and make it look more like night/dusk.


Filming + Editing!

The preliminary task consisted of filming and editing somebody walking into a room, sitting down and talking to somebody, then walking back out. We needed to have a cutting-on-action shot, an over the shoulder shot, and shot reverse-shot of people having a conversation.

Ryan and Adam volunteered to feature as the two people talking, whilst Eve and Scarlett filmed, then we would all take part in editing. We used one of the English classrooms to film it.

We encountered some problems halfway through shooting in one classroom, so we had to restart using a different room, which ended up looking better anyway.

The first shot was an establishment/long shot of a corridor, then Ryan walked into view and walked towards the camera. Then it cut to a shot of the door, and Ryan walked into the shot from the left hand side, as if he’d just walked down the corridor. When he put his hand on the door handle, we cut to a close-up of his hand turning the handle, and pushing the door open slightly. We then did a cut-on-action of the door opening from slightly ajar and Ryan walking into the room, though this one was shot from the inside of the room. Next was a long shot of Adam sat at a table, but it also had the room in the background to show the location even more. in the shot, off-screen we pushed the door closed (for sound) and filmed Adam looking up and greeting Ryan. Next was an over-the-shoulder shot of Ryan walking towards Adam and greeting him. We then cut to a high angle shot of Ryan sitting down on a chair. Next were a lot of shot-reverse shot taking turn in conversation. near the end of the dialogue, we cut to a two shot of the two of them as they said goodbye to each other, then we zoomed in as they did a “secret handshake ;)” so we could just see their hands. We did another cutting-on-action cut as at the end of the handshake, they pounded fists, and we cut from the close-up back to a long two shot just as they had done it. Then we panned, following Ryan walking to the door, and faded it out as he walked through it.

We did several takes of each shot and then chose which one was best to use.This was to ensure a better quality and to make sure they were minimum mistakes.