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Our finished Film Poster.




Both these images portray a horror/thriller genre. They both have a creepy hint of pending negative events. We chose to not use a snapshot of our film on our poster as after researching we found that not many film companies did this. We wanted our film poster to be intriguing yet subtle. We have the intention of editing our images to create a spooky, horror effect. We’ll edit the contrast and the brightness.



We have finished the music for the film, we will apply this music once we have finished editing the film. The editing for the film is almost complete. To create tension in our film we have used loops that we think are creepy and ones that create an atmosphere. At the end of the music we have put in some acoustic music to show that our film has a happy ending. Throughout the film, the music will be speeding up to build up tension which is leading up to the big finale.

On Thursday 27th of October we completed our first session of filming. At the time we considered our footage to be very successful, however we uncovered some problems when we returned back to school to put our film onto Imovie. When we viewed the footage we realised that a high percentage of it was too dark and some of the shots weren’t up to the quality that we wanted them to be at. We kept some of the impressive shots from our first session and set out the next Wednesday to re-film a high portion of it. Our second day of filming produced stronger results. The weather was perfect, grim looking but not too dark. We incorporated more shot types within our footage the second time round so it gave us a lot more to work with when it came to us starting to edit. We’re well on our way with editing at the moment. We’ve started to intertwine our title sequence and our clips together, and we’ve applied some affective transitions within our piece.


We researched the kind of things that were typically incorporated into opening title sequences. We found this video on Youtube from the film ‘Creep’ and it definitely caught our eye. We enjoyed the creepy yet subtle music and the font style within it.
We intend to create something similar but maybe with snippets of the film placed within the text shots.