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Costume ideas!

Both these costumes are the kind of things I will wear when I play the role of the girl in our film opening. The costume on the left hand side is designed to look relaxed and casual (boots, t-shirt and shorts.) I will wear this during two of the flashbacks that we have decided to include, the times within our opening where the couple are enjoying each others company and are portraying a strong happy relationship. The costume on the right is the one I will wear when the tragedy is shown through a flashback. This costume is meant to make me look as if i’ve dressed up (Heels and dress) so it shows that the intention of the night, in the opening was for the girl to go out and enjoy herself, yet she never made it. The costume contrasts with the situation. Eve.

These are the kind of costumes I will wear when i play the role of the boy in our film opening. On the left is what i will wear in two of our flashbacks as they are just casual clothes (t-shirt, jeans). On the right is my outfit for the final flashback scene (shooting). I am wearing a shirt and tie along with jeans as we plan to make it look like the two characters are meeting to go out, but not fully formal, hence the jeans instead of trousers. Ryan.