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Our new idea!

Here is our storyboard which we made in order to plan out our idea.

After we changed our initial idea we decided that a thriller would be an effective and interesting piece to film. We researched some sucessful thriller films then decided to incorporate some of the ingredients that made them so good, for example a voiceover.
Our basic idea starts off with an establishing shot of a passing train, bus or car (we haven’t fully decided which one yet) then the next shot is a medium one of a boy/girl sat on a train on their own, leaning against the window next to them looking depressed. The non-diegetic music is solemn and clearly the mood is straight away emotional. We want to incorporate a voiceover during this part. We decided we should either have a newsreader speaking about the tragedy or the girl/boys voice giving hints as to why he’s so upset. We see a tear roll down the boy/girls face as titles start to fade on and off the bottom of the screen. We see a newspaper on the table (something we will have to make ourselves) hinting at what the film is about. The camera zooms in slowly to reveal the boy/girls emotions to a greater extent. The next thing we see is a medium shot of a flashback to when them and their partner were happy together, they’re messing about on the sofa enjoying each others company. The camera then sharply cuts back to the boy/girl sat on the train but this time the camera is viewing them from the side and is an extreme close up of his face in order to make the idea of tears more prominent. Then the camera cuts sharply to a long shot of another flashback where the couple are walking home from a party, tipsy and merry when a speedy car approaches. Dramatic non-diegetic music begins to play and then the camera cuts to a close up of both their horrified faces. The screen then goes black and we hear a gunshot. The audience then automatically presume that some tragic has happened. The camera then cuts back to the boy/girl sat on the train and the view pans down to where we can see them feel for the gun that’s in their pocket. Our opening will end here.


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